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One of the biggest services that we provide our customers  is the ability to take obsolete, non-functioning RV electronics and rebuild them, restoring them to functionally like-new condition. We have customers from all over the US and Canada send us things to be repaired every day.


Our family of highly skilled technicians take these items, repair them at an electronic component level and bring them back to full service. If you have an electronic device in your RV that has failed, contact us and see what we can do for you!

Do you have a device that needs to be repaired? Call or email us for an estimate and we will get you everything you need to send your part in for a repair.

Please note:  it is NOT necessary to send any kind of deposit unless it was discussed with a tech. THANK YOU!

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Examples of obsolete items we can repair:

  • Electronic Climate Control (we need both thermostat and master controller)

  • Atwood Levelegs (we need auto control module and touch pad)

  • Atwood Comfort Care A/C

  • Dewald Levelers

  • Power Gear Levelers (we need control module and touch pad)

  • Slide Out Controllers

  • Battery Control Centers

  • Kwikee Level best levelers

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