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about us

We have a very strong background in the RV industry, starting in the engineering department of a major coach manufacturer in the mid 1980's. We bring over 40 years of combined electrical and electronic experience and knowledge to the table and are here to help. Additionally, we provide technical support services for several different RV product manufactures. At the end of the day, we are not about just selling a bill of goods; we are here to make sure that our customer's problem is fixed, and fixed correctly.


We can work on everything from the biggest and most sophisticated Class A coaches all the way down to the most basic truck bed camper top, and from vintage coaches built back in the 1970's up to and including brand new coaches that have just rolled off the showroom floor.


Our biggest asset to our customers is that we specialize in working on obsolete and no longer available control systems. We are able to take bad circuit boards and go down to a component level and rebuild what is original to the coach. Often times, especially with older coaches, parts have been out of production for quite a long time. This means that coach owners must resort to very expensive retrofit systems to repair problems. We provide a much more cost effective option, often able to repair the offending part for a small fraction of the cost of a complete new system.



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